Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A birthday card using micia stamp

I made a birthday card using micia little birdie clear stamp. I wanted to make it portrait but then decided on landscape cuz it made the card look more complete...
After stamping a few birds and colouring using steadler, I fussy cut them. Since the bottom looked empty, I took a green pp from fresh floral stack and handcut it to make it look like plains(not sure if it looks that way!)
I added a washi tape to match the shade since pink and red didn't go too well with the pp.
initially my idea was to make the birthday sentiment as a flag for the big bird to carry but then decided on a balloon and sentiment in the bottom!

Please do drop in your comments!

Supplies used :
Micia little birdie clear stamp,yellow chevron washi tape from lulupu
Pp from stash